How do I capture my travels in full 360-degree realism?

It is now possible to capture your travels in an unprecedented way, utilizing the latest 360-degree panorama cameras. Capable of capturing an entire setting versus just a scene, they provide the viewer the next best thing to being there. The average cost for a 360-degree panorama camera is around $500.

What is a 360-degree panorama camera?

A 360-degree panorama camera allows you to capture your surrounding scenery, a full 360 degrees around your head, with one camera shot. Instead of having to choose which scene to capture with a photo, you can now choose an entire setting to share.

What makes a 360-degree camera unique?

The 360-degree panorama camera provides an unparalleled viewing experience. Unlike staring at a still photo, once downloaded the viewer can explore the same scenery that the photographer captured. By clicking on the picture, the viewer has the ability to move up, down and go full circle in the picture. For the traveler wanting to fully share their experiences, this is the closest thing possible to being there.

How does a 360-degree camera work?

A 360-degree image is created using specially designed rotational cameras with spherical fisheye lenses. The “0-360 Panorama Optic” has a field of view of 115 x 360 degrees (115 vertical and 360 horizontal range). Think of it as being able to see all the way around you, with 52.5 degrees up and 62.5 degrees down; it’s not quite the full vertical range, but it’s close.


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