How do i become a military training instructor?

Becoming a military training instructor is no easy thing. You’ll need to figure out the areas in which you want to train military personnel (whether it’s hand-to-hand combat, survival skills or something else), and then decide whether you want to enlist and do it from the inside–if you are not currently in the military–or remain a civilian and do the job from the outside.

Within the Military

The easiest entryway into become a military training instructor is to enlist in the branch of the military in which you want to become an instructor. It’s best to talk to a recruiting officer to discuss your potential to become an instructor and to see how long it will take. Once you enlist you need to show exemplary skill and keep up your “grades” to prove that you have the necessary abilities. If you show the necessary ability, the military will put you through an instructor’s course that will teach you how to be a teacher. If you can pass that course you will be reassigned as a military instructor.

Outside the Military

It’s much more difficult to become a military training instructor when you aren’t in the military. However, civilian trainers aren’t unheard of. First you’ll need proof that you’re qualified to teach a given skill (SCUBA, hand-to-hand combat, nature survival, etc.). Once you’ve been certified as an instructor in a specialized field, you have to apply through a specific branch of the military or through the Department of Defense. Jobs for civilian trainers will typically be posted along with other job openings. You’ll then have to go through the hiring process in order to be hired as a military instructor.

Source: Marine Corps Drill Instructor Instructor’s Courses

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