House training help! And just training in general.?

A few weeks ago my parents bought a four month old poodle. Their attempts at training him have been unsuccessful so far. They have a small crate for him, but he's only put in there when they are away from the house. The rest of the time he's got the run of the house (they do watch him though). At night he sleeps in bed next to my parent's bed. He has yet to be house trained, and is in fact scared to go outside unless our older dog is out there. He also jumps on our older dog almost constantly. He's hyper most of the time. My parents called him demon possessed. Having heard my parents try and discipline him, I can see why they have problems.

Instead of using the same word to mean “no”, they tend to just yell at him. “Get down”, “no”, “stop”, “don't” and such. I told them that the dog won't have any clue what you mean if they keep changing the words they use to get him to stop doing stuff. Their response was to inform me that since I'm not there, I don't know what I'm talking about. According to them, they've read all there is about how to train a puppy and none of it's worked. At one point they talked about sending the puppy back. I was immediately upset about that train of thought.

So, here I am. Is there anyone that can give me some advice, or perhaps websites to go to that will have information. I will be heading home in a few days and plan to train this puppy right. Any advice will be appreciated. Although, it's unlikely my parents will change whatever their doing. I'd still like to know.

They've enrolled him in a puppy class even though he's not gotten all his shots. I warned them that was a bad idea, but they don't care. They just want him to stop being so out of control.

Basic Training:

When training a dog you need to walk in a dogs foot steps. Pretend your a dog and i'm scolding you with different language everytime. You have no idea what im talking about. So everytime he does something wrong use the same word like “OFF” or “NO.” Do not yell at the dog. (It scares them) Look them in the eye and firmly say what you have to say. If a dog is nipping at you or in your face do not push him/her away. The dog will automatically think you are playing and continue or worsen the behavior. Instead, ignore the dog or say “NO.” If reasonable, leave the room. (punishment/time out) You need to continue to train him every time he does something wrong or he will get worse and be quite confused. Do not get mad at the dog. Its your parents bad knowledge of dog training.

House Breaking:

House breaking can take a dog weeks even months. First, take the dog out several times a day to the same place in the yard, etc. When he goes praise him with treats. If he goes to the bathroom in the house firmly look him in the eye and say “No.” Then take hm outside. He will learn thats where he was supposed to do it. Everytime he pees in the house do this. Take him out everytime and praise him if he goes. He will soon learn that is where he is supposed to go and automatically go there. Best of luck training your dog! (: