House training 8 week old puppy???? please help!!?

I got an 8 week old Westie on Friday, and I know it's still early and I have to be patient but I've been training her how I should be and she just gets worse.

First question is how do I establish to her that outside is where she poos and pees not plays, and vice versa? Yesterday she peed in my room around 4 times and I cleaned it up each time and immediately took her outside but she just lays down. When she does pee or poo outside I praise her and pet her and tell her good girl. Today she peed in my room twice and pood once. I cleaned up the first pee with a mix of vinegar and water and the poo I flushed, but the second time she peed I cleaned it up with paper towel then rubbed the area with a mix of vinegar and water and took the paper towel with pee on it outside to where I normally take her and put it down and she sniffed it and tried eating it.

Second is she drinks a lot of water so should I limit her how much she drinks? Would that help?

I've never had a dog myself and every dog I've taken care of was house trained so I don't know what else I can do.

Also she never pees and poos in the same area, it's always different spots.

At 8 weeks she will need to go out every hour to an hour and a half. Do you have a crate? Get a crate just big enough for her to stand up, turn around, and lie down in. Put her in the crate to sleep in at night. Also put her in the crate every time you cannot 100% supervise her. If she cries, ignore her. Wait until she stops crying for 5 minutes before taking her out. At night if she's quiet for a few hours, but then starts crying for no reason, take her out to go potty. Then immediately back to the crate. It will be hard for the first week or so, but stick to this and she will learn to love her crate. Give a special treat like chicken and LOTS of praise every time she goes outside. Only scold her if you catch her in the act. By scold, I mean a firm No! And immediately take outside. Treat and praise her if she continues to go outside. She will probably also need to go out approximately 5-20 minutes every time after feeding her. I would put her directly in the crate for a couple minutes after feeding to avoid accidents. That's what I have been doing with my pup. I am also currently house training a puppy- he is now 11 weeks old and I've had him since he was 7.5 weeks old. Using this method I have had only 3-4 accidents so far.

For the first week or so you should carry her outside to avoid accidents on the way to the door. One of the most important things is to have her in the crate any time she is not being totally, completely, 100% supervised. Also, feed her her last meal at 4 to 5 pm and restrict her water after 6:30 to 7 pm. By “restricting” her water, i mean remove the water and instead let her have a few icecubes for the rest of the night.

It is fine to crate a puppy up to 8 hours a day as long as it is broken up at least every 1.5 to 2 hours, and the puppy is being sufficiently excersized throughout the day. Email me at if you have any further questions about dogs!