Hotel Management Career Profile

Hotel Management Career Profile: Level of Education

Are you interested in a hotel management career? Profiles of these jobs indicate the minimum level of education necessary to succeed is an associate degree in hotel management. As with any field, the more education you have the more opportunities and better salaries will be available. An associate degree will let the candidate achieve a position most likely in a single hotel-type dwelling, your typical hotel which may have a restaurant and amenities on site.

In order to achieve a career in top hotel management such as a major resort or spas dealing with large properties that in turn are almost like their own cities, the candidate will need to have a bachelor’s degree. Experience also speaks volumes. If a candidate can secure an internship in a hotel he will not only gain valuable experience to add to a resume along with his education but also make valuable references and contacts for the future.

A degree in hotel management concentrates on areas such as business, finance, management, marketing, and communications. A hotel manager must be able to effectively deal with the business side of the hotel such as finance and management but must also be able to communicate effectively. Communication with staff about their duties and communication with patrons to deal with their complaints and specific situations in a satisfactory manner is necessary.