Homeopathic Remedies as First Aid

A homeopathic remedy kit is the ideal first aid kit to have for a wide range of problems that arise from everyday living while at home or traveling. Having multiple homeopathics close at hand makes dealing with minor injuries like the small bruises when a young child falls or bumps into something to the more seasonal issues of colds, allergies and flu much easier to deal with.

Typically when deciding on homeopathic remedies there are many different types of symptoms to look at. When using homeopathics as first aid, it is much easier to decide which remedy to take. Homeopathic reference books like Homeopathic Medicine at home by Maesimund Panos, M.D., or The Family Guide to Homeopathy by Andrew Lockie M.D. are great reference books to have at home. Either of these books makes learning about individual homeopathics and how to use them easy for the person new to homeopathy as well as a great homeopathic reference book for the person who is more experienced with choosing the correct remedy.

When purchasing a home homeopathic kit, it is important to look for one that meets your needs. If you are going to be using it at home with young children you want to have remedies that are appropriate for childhood situations. For young children the Hylands Kid’s Kit is the perfect choice with six commonly used homeopathics: Arnica for swelling, bruises, and shock; Aconitum Napellus for inflammation and fevers; Belladonna for sore throats, coughs and fevers; Chamomilla for pain, colic and teething; Ferrum Phos for stuffy nose and congestion; Hepar Sulphuris for head colds, sore throats and laryingitis with the addition of Bumps ‘n Bruises Ointment for topical applications.

If you want to have a good assortment of homeopathics for use at home, are planning on taking a family vacation, or flying around the world, a great choice is the Washington 100 homeopathic remedy kit. In addition to the 100 most popular homeopathic remedies, this homeopathic remedy kit comes with a small booklet with the remedies and what they are used for and a symptom list to help determine the best homeopathic remedy for the situation.

Whatever kit you choose, having a homeopathic remedy kit close at hand can make the difference between having a miserable crying child or having a good night’s sleep, feeling terrible on your vacation or enjoying your trip. Be prepared and purchase your homeopathic remedy kit and homeopathic reference book today.