home school vs high school?

Im a guy (thought this would help), 13 (8th grade) which means high school is next year. i am currently home schooled and its great.


i get to wake up early, i can double up for the next day, it move at my pace, lunch has a wide variety, i am not limited to what days i can go on vacation with my family, and other things. i get lonely though. and you have more Opportunities with high school. I am TERRIBLE at socializing and i'm awkward, i have no idea what to say to people. usually resulting in awkward silence , pointless continuous annoying talking, or a fist bump or high five. i cant maintain eye contact (yes, i know, i sound like an antisocial idiot wreck, not all home schools are like this). at home school co-op (home school social) doesn't really help. I'm quite skinny and very weak

your probably wondering why i why to go to high school, for friends, to get great a socializing, to get a taste of college and homework, i hardly have any thing to do on free time , and i just wanna have some fun with life (i get very cabin feverish) . so when you sum this up, which should i pick

help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you should stay try out high school. High school is a lot different than middle school. (in my case). I mean if you tried it and didn't like it, I'm sure you could go back to home schooling. But if you are bad at talking with people, it's good to practice in high school so when you go away to college it will be a lot easier to make friends. And I'm sure the work will be different. At home school you can go at your own pace most of the time and get one on one help. But in college the teacher or professor will not single you out. I went to high school freshman year and am currently home schooled as a sophomore, so I know what they are both like. High school was defiantly more of a challenge and I think it did get me ready to what I have to expect in college.