High School to College

The transformation of students while getting into college from high school is in unimaginable proportions. They literally project themselves as adults as they step into college. Though barely over 18, the students unanimously exhibit great sense of maturity and arrogance. They prepare themselves to confront the society that labeled them as kids and unruly teenagers. The fact that most of them forget are that colleges and high school are almost identical. You are always under pressure and the tradition of assigning homework is followed even in colleges. You just can’t escape it, no matter where you join. It’s a bitter reality that students hope against.

The schedule of a college student is always packed with assignments and tests. Once students have been put into college, the peers are unaware of anything that happens after. Hostelers are free from parental interference into their academics and the regular stress to do homework is absent. Like high school, bullying is active in most of the colleges and newcomers are subject to innovative welcome treatments. The custom is adopted and followed every year and such happenings become the most cherished memories in our lives later. The bonds created during the first semester become the most influential ones. Friends help each other with academic activities and can take turns to help with homework and tests. Of course, taking turns to do homework doesn’t help as everyone has to undergo the pressure one day. Getting the homework done is a mammoth task as it involves referring several books and devising a solution and ensuring that it is right by cross verifying it. You can look up for data online to help you with solving problems, but when you can seek help online for your entire homework why waste time researching on solutions?

Tutors are available online for almost all the subjects to help you with all your academic troubles including sites that offer ‘homework help’ programs at a reduced cost. Students who do not have internet connectivity can fix appointments with tutors to chat online and do so at an internet cafĂ©. Don’t engage in tedious academic works and waste time; be open with your professor and let him know how he could give assignments that prove to be productive and beneficial at the same time. Of course don’t follow this advice blindly, because if the professor isn’t keen on taking your words of advice it may affect your grades in reality. Choose to do certain assignments that interest you by yourself, so that you don’t avoid assignments completely. Academics is not just everything, performing above average in academics and finding time to engage in extra-curricular is the best way to enjoy student life.