What do most high school girls like in a guy?? Size? Clothes? Personality? Looks? Just describe your sort of ideal bf or what u think is hot in a guy in high school? Just curious I want to know as a guy in high school.

Speaking as someone who was a high school girl and someone with high school age sisters…. you're not going to like this but every single girl is different.

Some like tall, some aren't fussed. Some like darker looking guys, some like blondes. etc. etc.

If you want a generic sort of thing, then I would say….

Just taller than the girl so it feels as though he's able to protect her (but mainly good for giving her bear hugs!)

Can dress well but not so well it looks like his mother dressed him.

Can make her laugh.

Teases her, but in a [very very clearly] playful way where she knows he's joking.

Flirty with her, but not other girls.

Looks – it really does depend on the girl. A nice smile that reaches the eyes out to do it. More likely to prefer a slim guy that isn't too skinny. Toned, but not too buff is a safe bet.