High School and College Graduation Poems

Graduation Poems Number One: What Next, High School Graduate? (A 5-7-5 Multi-Stanza Haiku)

Diploma’s in hand

Now what – this chapter of youth

has ceased forever…

Will it be college,

a job in the working world,

exploring abroad?

Future’s uncertain:

The key is to move forward

like a breezy gust!

Graduation Poems Number Two: What’s Next, College Graduate? (A 5-7-5 Multi-Stanza Haiku)

Term paper’s written

the hard labs and exams passed

-The degree is yours

Yet the job picture

is a whole different game

(challenges anew)

It’s time to apply

what was learned in that bubble

of years of schooling

Street experience

beckons to your destiny

as you strive to grow!

The End of my high school and college graduation poems.