Guard Dog Training – Tips and Techniques

The guard dog training starts at a later stage of the life of the dogs. The training for dogs who help the visually or hearing impaired starts when they are around seven to eight weeks old, the guard dog training starts only after the dogs become adult dogs. But it will be ideal if the dogs which are used for guarding purposes begin the guard dog training at a younger stage. This is essential because if the dogs have learnt some other skills, they may hinder while the guard dog training is given.

Guard dog training must be considered in a serious manner and is something which we cannot do by our own. Even though most of the owners of the dogs provide their dogs with lots of skills like basic obedience skills, hunting skill as well as sports, the guard dog training is the best when done by the professionals. If you really want your dog to undergo guard dog training, then the first step is to find an institute which provides guard dog training. A good quality program must be chosen so that the basic duties which your dog performs will be displayed in an adequate manner.

Majority of the guard dog training programs requires the dogs to stay in training kernels till the guard dog training is completed. This is done so that the relaxed environment at your home may hinder the intensive levels of the guard dog training. The dig will be evaluated before it is enrolled into the guard dog training. Even though dogs belonging to any breed or size can enrol into the guard dog training program, the dog’s temperament will indicate if the particular dog is fit for the guard dog training. A simple test of temperament will be performed by instructors of the guard dog training institute which will help them in determining whether the dog possesses the required potential for the completion of the guard dog training successfully.

The first part of the process involved in the guard dog training is the training of the dog for the basic obedience. These dogs may have undergone the obedience training to some level and while the earlier training will help in the simplification of this step, it is very essential for you to know that the level of obedience training that is expected from a dog which is undergoing guard dog training is much more rigid when compared to that for companion dogs.

If you have felt that your dog has considerable level of obedience when he sits if the command is made for the second or even third time, the guard dog training instructor will expect the dog to obey all his commands at the first instance itself. So even if the dog has been taught the basic level of obedience by you, this training process will be visited again to ensure that the dog’s response to the commands is immediate.

The dogs which undergo guard dog training are trained for obeying only their owners or handlers and not to obey any commands to accept any treats from anyone else. This is a very critical part of guard dog training as an intruder can easily attack your house if the dog obeys his commands and relishes his treats.

The intensity of guard dog training depends on our requirements. Yet another aspect to be covered in guard dog training is the teaching of respect as well as on how to interact in a peaceable manner with other family members.