Guam – Security Guard Training Requirements (Armed)

For security guards carrying a license for firearms, these are the things to remember while you are granted with such license:

  • Applicants who will be issued a firearm must be a holder of a valid Government of Guam Firearms Identification Card
  • Upon the written request of an employee, the Chief of Police, Guam Police Department, shall issue a temporary Firearms Identification Card
  • Temporary firearms identification card shall grant the holder to use firearms while they are actively employed in the territory of Guam
  • When permanent license is issued to the applicant, the temporary Firearms Identification Card must be surrendered to the Guam Police Department
  • Security officers with a valid Firearms Identification Card are permitted to carry a firearm concealed while on official duty or while traveling from his place of duty
  • Security officers may carry their personally owned firearm while on official security duty provided that their personal firearm is registered and approved by his employer.

Besides a license, training is also required to an applicant who wants to work as an armed security officer. Here are some guidelines of the training needed:

  • Licensed armed security officers shall receive a pre-issue firearms instructions before they are allowed to carry any weapon
  • Training for pre-issue firearms includes two (2) hours of legal limitations on the use of firearms, handling of a firearm and safety and maintenance
  • Initial firearms marksmanship training on an approved firearms target course prescribed by the certifying authority is required. A minimum score of 60% is required on an approved silhouette target.
  • A refresher course for firearms training is required yearly for the license to be renewed.

Completing all requirements is important if you want to work in the state of Guam. Once it is done and a permanent license is issued to you, you can now work as an armed security officer. So make sure you have the needed qualifications before you submit your application.

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