Golf Training Aid – The Five Best

As everyone is trying to catch lightning in a bottle, the Wireless Golf Coach is asked all of the time about what golf training aid will work for our students. Obviously the answer is different for everyone but with that being said here are five golf training aids we often suggest:

Golf Training Aid #1: Callaway Golf X-Force Swing Trainer

The Callaway Golf X-Force swing trainer is designed to help you develop the feel for the pendulum sensation of the golf swing. The Callaway Golf X-Force swing is 2 times heavier than a standard golf club, so swinging it on a regular basis when you are off the course can help you develop proper golf musculature and general muscle tone. The impact feature helps to simulate actual outdoor ball striking.

Golf Training Aid #2: GolfGym Powerswing Trainer – Masters Edition

The GolfGym Powerswing Trainer is designed for the golfer looking for the finest in golf-specific training and conditioning for use in-season and/or in the off-season. Choose from 25 exercises designed to strengthen the muscles used in golf, including the rotator cuff region of the shoulder, hips, back and stomach muscles. Follow the golf exercise program of just 10 minutes a day, three times a week is all most golfers need to remain golf-ready. The Golf Gym Powerswing is a complete training kit containing the ProPerfect Training Grip with three PowerCords (light/lowest resistance, medium/standard resistance, heavy/strongest resistance), Quick Start DVD, Quick Start Manual and Storage Bag. This golf training aid is available Right & Left Handed.

Golf Training Aid #3: Swing Mirror by Izzo Golf

With the swing mirror by Izzo Golf you will be able to check your own posture, swing plane, grip, club face, finish position as well as your stance and ball position. The Swing Mirror will give you instant visual feedback so you can improve your very own golf swing or putting stroke.

Golf Training Aid #4: David Leadbetter’s SwingLink

Developed by David Leadbetter, the SwingLink is a golf improvement tool that helps you achieve a more efficient golf swing in minutes. It keeps your arms and body working together as a single unit rather than allowing the arms to work independently. By keeping the body and arms in a good connection, you will use your bigger muscles and hit more consistent golf shots and lower your scores! Leadbetter has worked with PGA Tour Players such as Ernie Els, Nick Faldo, Charles Howell and Nick Price.

Golf Training Aid #5 – The Transfer Station

The Transfer Station is a three piece golf training aid that can be used to help you improve your full swing as well as your putting stroke. The Transfer Station will help your Full Swing by: Encourages the proper weight transfers Find the correct ball position every time you set-up Properly align your body to your target line The Transfer Station will help your Putting by: Promotes a straight back and straight through putting stroke Properly align your shoulders to the line of your putt In addition: Stores easily in your golf bag Made for indoor and outdoor use Will help all types of golfers men, women and juniors as well as right and left-handers.

No matter what skill level the golfer is you will be able to find something that will make any golfer that you know happy and improve their game. For other golf training aids, golf art or putting training aids go to