***Get Your Best Matched Career by Using The NEW “Career Coach” Work Selection Process

The “Career Coaching” process virtually guarantees that you will get your ideally matched dream work positions every time, because it was designed to do so, when used correctly. The reason you engage a career coach is to actually get your ideal income positions that allow you to play every day and call it work. The reason your career coach coaches you is to make darn sure you do. Your career coach’s job is to coach himself or herself out of a job. The career coaching process is not finished until you, the coaching client, actually enter your personally designed ideal income dream positions, and you know it.

Lance Berkman's Mullet has taken on a life of its own

This sounds “Too Good to Be True” because so few people have ever really found and obtained their ideally matched work positions. And why did this happen. Because they used the work selection processes that directed them into mismatched work positions. They either used the “Trial and Error” process or the “Please Others” process, both of which generated poorly fitting careers.