Get to Know About VCP Certification

VCP certification is recently gaining huge popularity and is professionally known as VMware Certified Professional. Though it is a fact that for taking the VMware authorized training course, you need to pay a lot of amount besides maintaining and fulfilling the strict requirements of the course. Also with the advent of VCDX or the VMware Certified Design Expert, the VCP certified individuals can for the more advanced certification. The VCP certification is mainly given to typically those individuals who want to display their knowledge and experience in the field of virtual infrastructure. The certification also helps to increase the advancement of the career of the owner of the certification. Having a VCP certification at your hand will not only increase your customer confidence levels but also demonstrates your VMware software technical skills. The VCP Certification logo will also be displayed on your business card and website so that you get preference second to none.

To obtain this unique and prestigious certification one just need to take one of the two classes organized by VMware and must pass an online computerized test from a local test center. The two classes are on the topics of Install and configure as well as Deploy, Secure and the analysis. You need to take any one of these classes, which can also be taken online. The VCP certification exam is quite a bit tough than other exams of this category. Also the course fee being nearly about $3000, few people gets the opportunity to obtain the VCP certification. That is the reason why most of the people who take these classes are sponsored by either their company or family backup. In spite of this high cost this is perhaps the most popular certification for virtual technology. Even Microsoft lacks of any such available programs for certification of virtualization.

Once you have completed all these classes successfully you become eligible to appear for the certification exam. The exam objectives and details are clearly mentioned in the VCP exam brochure. Since self study won’t be recommended since you are already paying for the classes. Instead it is recommended, if not compulsory, to attend the VCP exam preparation workshop where special tips and techniques will be taught to help you for the exams.