Get a Legitimate Life Experience College Degree

Trying to find legitimate life experience degrees online can be a confusing and frustrating experience if you do not know how to make sure that the degree you are going to get from a particular institution is going to be on the up and up. If you search online, you are likely to find all kinds of offers ranging from authentic colleges to phony diploma mills. The following pointers will be good to keep in mind on your search and will all but ensure that you do not get ripped off pursing a valid degree. Know that by getting a degree from an online university, or by the simple fact that you are getting a life experience college degree, some people may automatically be skeptical due to the fact that with this degree in particular, there are a lot of con artists out there using the vagueness of the term ‘life experience’ to their advantage.

If you are using this degree to move up in your current career field, know that your employer will probably already have a general idea of how to weed out fake degrees. One thing you can do, if your employer suggests that they would accept this type of degree, ask him or her where they think would be a good idea to go. Often times employers become very familiar with the most popular universities due to the fact that they have cycled through many different interviews and they get used to seeing the same universities pop up again and again.

Beyond this, you will need to make sure that whatever school is going to provide your degree that it has been ‘accredited’. This basically means that a governing body vouches for a particular school’s curriculum and that they have met a list of requirements that certifies the validity of a degree granted by them. One of the ways that you can check to make sure that a school is properly accredited is by checking the ‘Institution Accreditation Database’ which has been sponsored by the United States Department of Education. If the school is accredited, it should show up there. If you want to check even further after that, you can check another online source to make sure that it is a reputable place. The ‘Diploma Mill Police’ checks online and distance learning schools to make sure that these places are not internet scams. A check between the both of these sites would be enough to give you a good feeling as to whether or not a place is a scam.