Gals how you prioritise between career , education and relationship ?

I have fortunately a good clarity that education first , while doing education career has already started and not too serious about relationship as of now. But I find so many gals who are totally confused or parents / partners confuse them and either leave the education to get married or sacrifice good career because they are obsessed to do PHD etc. Don't you feel that in a gals life its a tricky situation that all three priorities happen almost at same time ? Guys are fortunate and can marry later in life and career is most important priority for them. What do you think ?

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Everyone should be educated to acquire some significant nominal capability ensuring some job & finish that till she is 22. At that time if she gets a good proposal, she should get married soon. Sometimes, some girls have very high sex drives & mature much earlier & faster than common ones. Sex urges badly dominate on their bodies. If timely arrangements of marriage are not done, they may become nymphomaniac easily every now & then, have premarital sex relations with boys, get pregnant & put them & parents in deep troubles. Such girls should get married early, have enough protected sex with husbands, don't bear children till they finish studies from their husband's houses much more comfortably. If they remain unmarried to finish studies, while reading any line of any book, boys & sex always strike their minds, diverting attentions badly, spoiling their studies anyway. Parents don't want their daughters to get pregnant before marriage. This factor should not be overlooked about girls. God made them so, you have no control on that. Girls may tell their mothers tactfully in seculsion that they have extremely high sex drives & so, are losing attentions in studies b coz of that. Parents will understand that. Careers they can make after marriage with much less divided attention. Many married girls topped in test examinations of various prestigeous posts too. Marriage is never a hurdle. It is a boon for them. At later ages, they have limited choices. Most of girls are not so. They can finish studies as long as they can & get married after achieving laurels in careers as boys do.