Funny Dog Potty Training Stories You Can Learn From

Like most people who love dogs, dog potty training is my least favorite activity. Until recently that is, when I came across a wonderful article in Housetraining Magazine about funny stories that happened to their readers. These dog potty training horrors are amusing but also educational. It’s the strangeness and ridiculous aspect of these dog stories that helps us see into the canine mind and get better at potty training our dogs. Here’s a handful of funny dog potty training stories for your erudition.

Snowy Mishap

A little dog came to live with her family in mid-winter when the grass was coated in snow. This especially bright girl quickly figured out her dog potty training rules and simply copied the other dog in the household. Peeing and pooping was reserved for the lawn and the home fared well all season long. Then came the spring, and started to melt. The little dog kept following the snow, walking further and further from the house each day. The poor thing had learned her dog potty training rules verbatim. She thought she could only do her business on the snow.

Carpet Lawn

Another victim of confusing dog potty training was a little girl who learned to pee on a carpeted surface. The previous owner had no yard and so taught the dog to do her business in a small box with carpet to soak the mess. As soon as the little girl came to her new home she marveled at the wonderful size of her new toilet (it was a wall-to-wall carpet home, you understand). As the new owner began a whole new phase of dog potty training, she began to cut out the soil bits of carpet and toss them outside on the lawn. After a while, this began to work. Looking for the soiled carpet, the little girl began to pee in the yard.


A little dog was adopted by a family with two cats. Dog potty training began at once, but soon took a funny little turn. Watching the cats doing their business in their litter box, the smart dog learned not only that potty should happen in the home, but that certain steps must be taken simultaneously. From then only, the little dog dug a hole in the earth before peeing, then covered it carefully. And she never left her poop out in the shamefully, open air.

Clean Bed Fiasco

A few years back when I already considered myself an expert at dog potty training , the oddest thing happened to me (funny only in hindsight). Returning home after an unusually long Friday, I took my dog out to do his business in the yard. Then I set to cleaning the house quickly for the weekend, and my dog followed me around. Finally, I was changing the sheets in the bedroom when the phone rang. As I was chatting, my dog jumped on the bed, looked me in the eye, raised his leg and peed. He’d had enough. Oddly, no dog potty training article ever mentioned something like that. They always made it sound easy.

And Behind Door Number One…

A little dog was all confused with his dog potty training. Everyone in the family was trying to help, everyone was taking him out often and oftener. Still the little guy was all confused. All he needed to do was go to the door and signal that he needed to go out. So why wasn’t he learning? It was a question of too many doors. Each member of the family was using a different door to take the little dog out into the yard, and the little one never knew in advance who was going to take him, so he couldn’t pick a door. Dog potty training became a snatch when only one door was used.

One Way, two ways

Another funny dog door story involves a pet door. Dog potty training became a cinch when the pet door was installed, but one day the family dog was playing outside on the lawn, when suddenly he felt the urge to do its business. Dashing through the pet door, the dog urinate smack in the middle of the living room. Dog potty training had been all about going through the door. It was an understandable mistake.

To read more fun housetraining disaster stories that you can learn from, check out Housetraining Magazine’s article, Tales of the Absurd.


Housetraining Magazine, Tales of the Absurd, Vol 8, pp. 67-71.

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