For a Lucrative Career in Finance, Get an ACCA Qualification

Accounting is a procedural and comprehensive technique of recording of financial transactions that pertain to the everyday activities of a business enterprise. As a profession, accountancy is held in high regard because experts of the discipline are responsible of working on various levels of finance aspect in a business. There is a high demand for experienced professionals for accountancy in both public and private sector undertakings.

To excel in a technical field such as accountancy, having relevant educational degree is crucial. To acquire expertise in the field, one has to have an aptitude and interest in finance. Moreover, make a suitable selection of Accounting Degree at graduate and postgraduate levels to grow professionally in the field.

A businessperson will always need expertise to handle financial record keeping. Financial record keeping is important for a business as it is an evaluation of assets and liabilities. The process is essential to make an informed decision regarding investment strategies or further expansions. Students with a knack of finance will find no dearth in employment opportunities. After attaining requisite qualification in accounting, an individual will find following opportunities to work as:

  • Public accountants

Under this designation, a person may be working for a non-profit organization, profit-based company, government bodies, or even individuals. The role of a public accountant is general accounts maintenance, auditing, and taxation.

  • Government accountants

Accountants working for federal, state, or local governments are responsible for looking after revenue and expenditure accounts.

  • Management Accountants

Accountants working in business firms often specialize in a field of accounting. A management accountant at times focus on a particular area of accountancy, such as cost accounting, planning, budgeting or financial analysis.

  • Internal Auditors

Auditors are special accounting experts who examine accounts for business firms to isolate waste or fraud.

To excel in the field and have a variety of opportunities at one's disposal, an individual can acquire ACCA Qualification that is offered at selected number of universities. ACCA, which stands for Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, is a premier international accountancy governing body. A Qualification under ACCA standards is widely recognized and treated as a uniform qualification in any country.

Acquiring an accountancy degree recognized under an international governing body of chartered accountants will fetch greater opportunities for professionals at a global platform. An ACCA course adds the edge of specialized skill and knowledge to an individual to lead in their fields. Moreover, acquiring an ACCA accreditation is also possible through an E learning medium at universities to bring a sense of seniority among peers in the field.