First Aid Misconceptions

We have all needed first aid at some point in our lives. In a world of full of potential hazards its almost inevitable that at some point we are going to fall over, cut ourselves, bump into something or get burnt. It is at this point when we require the assistance of some first aid.

First aid is in a nutshell the application of initial care for an injury of some sort. This is usually carried out by ourselves or by another person who has very little medical skills until more professional medical treatment can be accessed.

However this initial first aid treatment is usually the most important and if carried out incorrectly can cause even more damage then good. There are many misconceptions that surround first aid and many people still use these methods. These first aid misconceptions are:

You need a lot of training to carry out first aid. INCORRECT. In first aid common sense reigns supreme.

Expensive first aid kits and first aid equipment are required. INCORRECT. Sometimes you don't need any medical equipment at all, you can just improvise. Also first aid supplies are available at reasonable prices.

Butter and/or cream are great for burns. INCORRECT. You should never do this and this applies to ice and any form of material covering as well. All you need to do to a burn is run the affected area under cold water.

Run a bleeding wound under running water. INCORRECT. Water prevents the body's natural clotting defence and the wound will bleed more. Instead simply apply pressure to the wound.

If you can move the limb means it isn't broken. INCORRECT. In some cases you can still move a broken limb. The only way to determine if there is a break is to get a x-ray.

Place the head back if someone has a nose bleed. INCORRECT. If you do this all the blood will flow back down the airway and could cause choking. The blood needs to be drained so the head needs to be tilted forward. The individual needs to pinch the end of their nose and breathe through their mouth.

All you need to remember is that anyone can save a life with or without specialist first aid equipment all you need to do is be logical and just simply improvise. However it is advisable to make sure you have a first aid emergency medical kits available at all times if possible.