First Aid Lesson Plans for Children

First aid is a very important thing to teach in your classroom. It is also very useful for your students. Here are some great activities to incorporate into your lesson plans all about first aid.

A great game to play is called the hazard relay. First divide your students up into two teams. Tell them that they will have to all use first aid in this relay to get through the game. There are stations that they must pass through with different hazards. So they will have to do certain actions to get through the game. Some of the hazards and actions they will have to perform are these; someone fell they must apply a bandage to a doll, someone got stung by a bee and is allergic to them they must give the doll an epi pen, and the last hazard is someone is unconscious they must use the fake phone to call 911. Have two sets of these hazards set up, one for each team. When you yell go the first person goes and does all the actions then runs back to tag the next person. Then that person goes. The first team to have all their teammates finish the hazards and come back wins! Before playing this game you might want to explain some things such as what a epi pen does.

Another great activity is to have a person from a health organization come in and train your class on first aid. They can even get their very own first aid card and they can become certified in first aid. This teacher will teach them different first aid situations and how to deal with them. This information is very useful for your students and they can use it for the rest of their lives.

Another great activity is to make a first aid dummy. This activity is for younger children. Give each of your students a white cloth doll that was made before class. Then have them decorate the doll to look like it has just gotten first aid. For example they can draw on it some cuts, band aids, and bandages. You can then use this doll to talk to your younger students about some different ways to do first aid. They can then practice on their own dolls!

By incorporating these activities into your lesson plans your students will have lots of fun learning a very useful thing, first aid. They will have lots of fun while getting certified in first aid, making dummies, and playing the hazard relay. So the next time you have a unit on first aid or just a day on first aid try out some of these great activities.