Finding a Job in a California School District or Community College

Do you ever wish you could have the same days off that your children have? If you work in a California school district, there is a good chance that that wish can come true. But how do you find a job in a school district? It’s not as mysterious as it seems to find school district job openings for every position from custodial to teacher.

One of the best online sites to visit for a position in a California public school is This site lists job openings at schools and districts, mostly K-12, across the state. EDJOIN states that there are more than 1,800 school districts, county offices of education and other education facilities in California that regularly post jobs to their site. At one time, EDJOIN can have up to 16,000 openings listed.

Navigating through that many job openings is simple on EDJOIN because they listings are organized in a very user friendly way. Job seekers can search by county, school district, or position type to get the results they are looking for. Users can even break down the positions into classified, management, or credentialed. The initial results screen states if an online application is available, what district the job is at, salary information, when the job was posted and the deadline to apply. To view more information about a particular job listing, simply click on the link to view the additional information or to fill out an online application.

But maybe you’d prefer a job at a community college rather than a K-12 district. No problem. Simply visit the California Community Colleges job registry at CCC Registry states that 72 human resource departments from California’s 110 community colleges utilize their registry to list openings for faculty, support staff and management positions. Like EDJOIN, job seekers can search by region, district or specify a certain position that they are seeking. When available, CCC Registry provides links to online applications and has red boxes that appear in a listing stating if there is another requirement, such as required documents, that must be submitted before completing the application. The CCC registry website also gives resume submitting tips and suggests that applicants be patient when submitting applications as it can sometimes take weeks for a human resources department to contact you.

Some school districts also list jobs on under the Jobs/education section. Many of the education jobs that are found on Craigslist are also found on one of the two job sites listed above. The job listings aren’t as easy to search on Craigslist as EDJOIN and CCC Registry but it could be a place to find a part-time job in education or a tutoring job.

Working at a school district or community college has its benefits. Besides usually having a regular, set schedule with a specified list of duties, many districts have health/dental insurance, paid vacation/sick time/holidays, and sometimes even the same days off that your children have!




California Community Colleges Job Registry