fafsa verification worksheet?

i got this in the mail and it say to meet with my financial aid administer (i'm assuming the one in college) to verify my tax forms or whatever in order to receive financial aid. the thing is i'm not accepted to a college yet and i'm still a senior in high school. what do i do??


Apply to the schools. Once you get accepted to the ones you want to, then they will send you the forms and request the documents you need to get fin aid. Once you send this in each school will issue you an “Award Letter” detailing the exact amount and kinds of aid you'll be receiving from each if you attend there. This makes choosing your final school easy. Examine and compare your offers closely, not all schools will give you the same financial aid.

The earlier you do this the better your chances of your aid being ready when the fall semester starts. Don't wait to long to start applying to colleges!!! Do it now!!!