EXERCISE? IT’S HIT AND MYTH; Fitness can be a weighty issue so we shed light on a few misconceptions.

No matter how many glossy fitness magazines we read or how many


“how to exercise” videos and exercise apps we download, the

same questions are always being asked about health and fitness. Why?

Well, to be fair, it is down to continuous research and personal

opinion. But here are the top five exercise beliefs that I come across.

1 Targeting problem areas alone, such as moobs or mummy tummies,

will get rid of them: I often get people asking me if hundreds of

sit-ups will take away wobbly tummies or if press-ups will melt moobs.

It’s a fable: You cannot work the muscles in a specific area to

reduce the body fat in only that area. Doing a combination of muscle

conditioning and cardio exercise plus adopting a healthy, balanced way

of eating will reduce body fat. But it will reduce it across the entire

body and not just in one target area.

2 Big weights = big muscles: Women in particular are terrified ter·ri·fy