Enrol your dog at the best Dog school in Singapore

Dogs have been a part of the human household for centuries and make for the perfect pet. They are loyal, friendly, lovable and very quickly become like a part of your family. Dogs are naturally very smart and can learn to identify good actions from bad. However, they need to be taught how to recognize positive responses so that they learn when they are doing something unwanted and stop. Dog training is highly effective in teaching your dog how to properly behave when at home or outside. A well trained dog is not only a delight to own, the training also ensures that your dog never poses a danger to visitors or strangers.

Waggie’s is the number one dog school in Singapore and has been providing world class dog training facilities to show dogs and regular house dogs for many years. Patrick Wong, the founder and star trainer at Waggie’s is the most acclaimed and popular dog trainer in Singapore and his services have been sought after by media agencies, and celebrities for over a decade. Patrick is an expert in dog obedience training and has been working with dogs for over 25 years. Waggie’s dog training school has been a brainchild of Patrick and allows him to spend time with dogs, who are his passion.

Obedience training for dogs

Dogs are highly impulsive animals and teaching them to respond to specific commands is the best way to ensure that they stay docile and do not end up biting or hurting people around them. Obedience training for dogs is a staple service that any dog training school would offer. Waggie’s goes beyond such services and trained your dog to not only respond to voice commands, but also visual clues. At Waggie’s your dog will be trained for the following

  • Respond to simple one word commands
  • Housebreaking
  • Teaching your dog to stop barking when you command him to stop

Counseling for owners

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and you should be aware of all the details that can help you look after your dog more effectively. Waggie’s dog training school offers special orientation programs for dog owners which will teach them how to identify visual cues in their dogs, and how to best look after their pets.

The best dog school in Singapore

Waggie’s offers the best dog training services in Singapore and its owner, Patrick Wong is a celebrated dog trainer. All dogs are personally trained by him, and his services are regularly requested by TV shows and movies where specially trained dogs are required for various scenes and stunts. Waggie’s is also the best dog school in Singapore for anyone who wants to have their pet trained for appearance in dog shows. Patrick personally supervises the training for each dog at his dog training school and ensures that every dog gets the best training. Getting your dog trained at Waggie’s is highly effective and you will start to see the difference in the attitude of your dog in just 10 weeks.