Elements of a Dog Training Program

When you are searching for puppy or dog training in Salt Lake City, there are a few important elements you should be looking for. A trained dog will need a trained owner. Most often, the trained owner starts out working with a trained trainer that will get them and their puppy started off on the right foot. There are private trainers and group trainers available almost anywhere. You can ask people you know who have well trained dogs where they took their dog to be trained. Looking on the Internet is another place to start when you are researching good dog training programs. Veterinarians will also know who to recommend when it comes to dog training because of the nature of the business they are in.


Before you can enroll your dog or puppy in a training class, the trainers will need to know how old your puppy or dog is. They may ask you what kind of exposure your dog or puppy has had to other animals and people, other than yourself or those in your household. Your dog or puppy’s vaccinations should all be up to date and they will want a copy from the veterinarian verifying that to protect all the other animals that your dog or puppy may come into contact with during their training sessions. You will need to come to class with a certain length of leash and a collar that is secure and will help you keep your dog or puppy under control and safe.

The most important elements of most training programs are a committed owner and trainer, patience, love, and the most important part of training, treats. You can cinch a small bag around your waist to hold all of the treats you will need to give to your dog or your puppy to reward them for doing what you ask them to do. The treats need to be something they will do anything for; they need to love the treats. Rewarding them with a very little piece of the treat is all you will need to get them to do what you ask. When you are practicing at home, you will need to keep giving them treats until they will do it by simply being asked. The time will come when your puppy and dog training in Salt Lake City will pay off and you will have the well mannered and well trained dog that everyone wants their dog to be like.