Elementary School Speeches Are About New Beginnings

Elementary school graduation speeches should reflect the age of the students. For that reason they should be short, have a touch of humour and be very easy to understand.

Elementary School speeches need to have the personal touch. They should refer to events and happenings during the school life of the students in question. It might be about a trip abroad or about an important volleyball match they played. If the speaker is a teacher he or she should speak of adventures shared together over their time at that Elementary School.

Obviously such speeches should include a welcome to the parents of the children graduating. They should be light-hearted in tone because after all you are celebrating. The students should be told that the celebration is for and about them. You should mention how proud their school is of them and how you know they will be a credit to you whatever new school they attend.

Elementary School speeches should reflect the fact that young children believe that wonderful things can happen. They should encourage them to believe in their hopes and dreams. They should speak of working hard to make those dreams come true.

Such children might also be a little apprehensive about the future, about leaving friends behind as they move on. Such speeches should be reassuring and comforting painting a picture of what is going to happen when they go on to their new school. The speeches should clarify the fact that there will be someone there to guide them and show them the ropes.

Teachers often have a great bond with elementary students and their Elementary School speeches should reflect this fact. The students should know that they can always go back to their old school for advice or guidance because someone who has known you as a child will know your capabilities and understand your worries. They should be always made to feel that they will be welcome back to their Elementary School. In fact you can make them laugh when you tell them they might even come visiting when they become President.

Above all, Elementary graduation speeches should paint pictures. You might compare their move to that of someone at a certain stage in a race or to an actor who has a certain part in a play where he/she have yet to learn their lines and moves. Elementary School speeches should end with a blessing or good luck wish.