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Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) February 20, 2007

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With an increased demand for teachers, universities and colleges are seeing more and more students pursue degrees in education. Future teachers are not only learning in traditional classrooms, but are also experiencing the benefits of online teaching degree programs. As part of a national effort to help students find teaching degree programs to meet their goals, while answering questions about online education, eLearners.com has selected LifeTips for content development services. eLearners.com is now the exclusive sponsor of the teaching degree tip site in the LifeTips network.

“Becoming a teacher is one of the most rewarding professions, and now that education has made its way online, there are multiple opportunities for aspiring teachers to earn their degree,” said Melanie Nayer, Editor of LifeTips.com. “Whether you're seeking accelerated learning programs to further your career or you're seeking additional certification to add to your degree, today's teachers have a plethora of options. You don't need to stay in the classroom to learn — the World Wide Web is open with opportunities for obtaining your teaching degree.”

Sample Teaching Degree Tip:

  • Practical Experience with Online Classrooms

“Traditional degree plans will require actual classroom time as a teacher's assistant in order to earn an education degree. Online degrees may vary with their requirements but if you are not required to have practical experience as a teacher's aide or the equivalent, pursue the option anyway. Textbook situations only give a basic idea of what a teacher will experience. Since all children are different and textbooks cannot account for every scenario, it's to your benefit to volunteer or inquire about earning credit through working as a teacher's assistant. This gives you a better outlook and perspective of how to handle a room full of fourth graders after lunch time or one of the best methods of teaching first period algebra to a group of high school freshmen.”

A wealth of information about online degrees is available on the Internet, and eLearners.com helps you sort through the data. eLearners.com provides prospective students a comprehensive database of information on distance learning opportunities. It also offers the eLearners Advisor, a unique tool to help determine if online learning is the right choice for you. Through the new alliance with LifeTips.com, visitors to the education section on LifeTips.com will now receive advice on how to get an online teaching degree.

“Millions of people turn to LifeTips.com for advice about everything from investments and Web design to acting and cooking,” said Andrew Gansler, CEO of eLearners.com. “People are already getting education advice from LifeTips.com, but now this partnership will give trusted advice on how to pursue an education online.”

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