Effective English Language Training For International Students in London

English language skills are essential for your professional and personal success. Whether it is speaking, reading, listening or writing you need to be fluent in all of them to attain success in your career. For excelling in all these aspects you need to get some help from English language trainers like intelligent training academy.  They conduct A1 English test in listening and speaking that will be helping you in getting UK spouse visa. This test was introduced in the year November 2010 for the individuals who are not from EEA and who want to marry British nationals. To satisfy UKBA requirements you need to have basic command in English language. This can be done by going through A1 spouse visa test. This test is only about listening and speaking. You don’t need to be a good reader or writer. If you’re listening and speaking skills are not good then you can take professional training from intelligent training academy.

If anyone wants to settle permanently in UK then they will have to undergo B1 English test. If you want to avail UK citizenship then you will have to pass B1 English test, for this intelligent training academy have come up with a coursethat will train you for B1 level entry exam in speaking and listening. If you are looking to become a citizen of Britain then you need to have good amount of knowledge of life in the United Kingdom and also prove that you’re listening and speaking skills can cope up with day to day demands of life in UK.

Intelligent training academy is a professional English language training academy that will train you in such a manner that you will be able to speak and listen UK English in a fluent manner. If you aren’t sure about the level of UK English you can speak and listen then you can communicate to intelligent training academy expert staff members who will give you friendly advice to get you know the level of UK English you speak and listen and will help you choose an appropriate course based on the level of your English speaking and listening skills.

Life in UK test is suitable for those persons whose language skills are above entry 3. From 28 October 2013 onwards if anyone wants to become a British citizen then he or she should take Life in UK test along with B1 English test.

Intelligent training academy offers all these courses in flexible timings and according to your requirements. Intelligent training academy conducts English language classes that will enable you to comfortably settle in the British society. English is vastly spoken not only in UK but also in many parts of the world. If you speak English fluently you will boost your professional and personal life and attain respect and reputation from others.

Intelligent training academy has employed expert English teaching professionals who will teach speaking and listening skills starting from the basic to expert level.