Effective and Genuine Training Process for Your Pet

Dog training is the process of teaching your pupys skills and good behavior which you expect from your Pet. Professional pet training can teach your puppy discipline, obedience and help make better bonding with your dogi. Teaching your pets simple commands, teaching them to listen to and respond accordingly is what is taught at the dog academy. A dogi must respond when called. It is beneficial for the security of both the puppy and those around it.


A dog which refuses to respond when called can easily be hit by a car, get into fight with another Pet and can cause various such bad experiences to occur. A trained dogi which responds when called can be taken to any place such as local park, beach or anywhere else the owner wants to go. Training a Pet to respond when called is easy process. It involves praising the puppy when the dog does the task as his owner wants it to. There are other exercises which a dog is trained to.

The teaching of obedience is given by series of repetitive forming exercises taught on command and put into practice at the training academy. It is not expected that dogi will react immediately what is being taught. Before the dogi does so, the same command, tone of voice and guided action has to be carried on repetitively. After some time the pets will start responding to the guided action. Trainers keep in mind that the various exercises are introduced in progressive sequence. The Pet should learn each exercise thoroughly before progressing to another exercise.

It should be kept in mind that puppy are diverse in nature. Some pets learn faster than other dogs. As the training progresses the Pet starts learning how to behave in particular commands, sounds or actions of human beings. Words of command should be clear, concise and confined to single syllabus. Sound and tone of voice controls the actions of dog. The Pet performs on the basis of these tones and voices. Care should be taken while teaching dogs the exercises based on human signals. Some actions can give false signals to dog and the dog can react accordingly. A puppy can get quarrelsome and may bite the human as the dogi are diverse in nature.

Infinite patience is needed in training the dog various steps or exercises. Faults must be corrected at the time they occur. Physical punishment can be given to puppy if it does not respond to a particular command but only in emergency and it should be according to nature of the pets. The Pet should not be over tired by continuing the exercise too long. The praise must be given while teaching a particular command until the dog learns to perform the task. In this way we can build a strong owner-Pet relationship based on trust, co operation and understanding clearly defined roles.