Education Issues Are Conservative Issues

During the 2008 presidential election, a video played on national TV where elementary school children were singing Obama’s campaign slogans. In the weeks since the election, there seems to be more and more examples of liberal brainwashing in our schools. Reports of these instances of liberal bias being taught are wide-spread, from elementary students crying if they don’t say the liberal side, to college students penalized, possibly with lower grades, if they state a conservative belief.

For example, one public school teacher requested her students wear blue on the Tuesday before the election to support Obama. She had no right to put pressure on students to wear blue for Obama unless they are given the choice of wearing red for McCain.

The most shocking, on the news of 10/7/08, a militant-looking group of middle school boys were shown on another video, dressed in black uniforms with an Obama logo on their shirts. They were doing a military-like exercise of marching while displaying clinched fists and other confrontational gestures, and singing praises to Obama. There was an Obama sign in the background. They obviously had practiced this routine many times, all this done in a public school, using class time, and the services of a teacher with salary paid for by taxpayers. Apparently, the American public never objected using their taxes for this purposes.

Brainwashing our youth in liberalism with no rebuttal from the conservative side should come front and foremost in the educational issues of today’s world. Why? How easily we forget the lessons of history. Remember Hitler’s Youth? Boys were inducted into Hitler’s Youth at age 10 for physical and military training. They were also taught to hate Jews, to believe in Aryan supremacy, and to spy and report on their parents, often getting their parents in trouble with the Gestapo police. Girls had similar programs. This childhood brainwashing worked. Hitler’s Youth formed Hitler’s army in World War II, obedient soldiers that knew no different way to think and were incapable of thinking for themselves.

However, Obama has nothing to do with this educational issue. I merely used his campaign as examples of brainwashing.

Why am I concerned? Viewpoints of liberal philosophy are presented over that of the conservative values more and more often, resulting in that children in America are taught one side only, usually that of the liberals. Out of control political correctness is a fundamental element of liberal indoctrination. Students who have the courage to state the conservative side of an issue are branded with names like sexists, homophobes, or racists. Conservative students not only face humiliation before their peers, but they also now have a label that can be very damaging. Students usually just keep quiet rather than face this type of censure.

Schools need to teach all sides of the important issues. We Conservatives must be aware of any kind of programs supporting one biased viewpoint over another, if done with taxpayer money in public institutions.

From preschool through state supported colleges and universities, Conservatives must become more involved in what our schools are teaching. Brainwashing just the liberal side of an issue in public schools must stop. Please give me your opinion on this timely educational matter.