Easy Way Of Cpr And First Aid Certification Online

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency technique used to increase the blood flow and oxygen supply between heart and brain, which is a requirement when someone gets a heart attack. It is a temporary solution that can slow down death or suspend it temporarily, and thereby help in saving lives of many people. It is required not only when working in fields, but also in day-to-day lives of people.

In this fast moving life when everything is available online, this highly important training can also be taken online. You can even get a certification with just one click in internet, after completing the course of course! There are many websites which provide certification course in CPR. They are according to ILCOR and AHA guidelines for CPR. The courses are designed with video demonstrations and illustrated graphics so that it is easy to learn them. There is no need of any special qualification for taking this certification, so anyone can learn it. Those who have this certification are always paid more than their counterparts.

The online Cpr Classes provide course of 40 minutes and they give the certificates immediately after completion of test that they take after course. They give a free wallet card signed by the instructor to all the students. To add to it, they give Free Blood Borne Pathogens Course which is included with the First Aid/ CPR Course. The test is a multiple choice test which comprises of 25 questions. You can take the test as many times as you want.

The online CPR and First aid certification material is available 30days after registration. The benefits of taking First Aid Online are that you can come back anytime and refresh your knowledge, you get printable wall certificate and a printable temporary wallet card. The certified wallet card is mailed to you free of charge within 24hours. The course includes the introduction, brief description, lessons, graphics and video presentations, then an exam and then certification.

You can even opt for Cpr Renewal which is provided by them. There are various courses which are available at varying prices to suit your budget. The instructors are all well trained who guarantee 100% satisfaction to all the students. Taking up this course will make you a well trained and certified CPR specialist.

So now, in the conditions when people get frightened and when it is the matter of life and death, you can act smart and save someone’s precious life by using the first aid technique. Please visit their website to get further details.