Dog Trainers, Sublime K9 Dog Training Recently Trains 3 New Dogs this Month with a Basic Obedience Program

Long Island, New York (PRWEB) January 08, 2013

Recently Sublime K9, A Long Island Dog Training company has trained 3 new dogs. “Sublime K9 Dog Training would like to congratulate Charlie” from owner Jessica, the most recent graduate from their basic obedience. Charlie is a happy-go-lucky and adorable yellow Labrador with a high energy level. Charlie’s family also has another dog named Chewie who is a low energy dog that they have had for many years. Adding Charlie to the pack was a big adjustment for the family, since they were not used to the amount of energy a puppy can have. Sublime K9 used basic obedience training to focus Charlie. He knows sit, stay, down, come and heel. Charlie learned to walk on a loose leash and no longer pulls all over during a walk. Since walking him is so much easier, Charlie is able to get more exercise by going for longer walks. The combination of increased exercise and working on obedience for at least a half hour a day has allowed for a more peaceful, happy family. Congrats Charlie!

Sublime K9 Dog Training would has also welcomed Maggie to their basic obedience program. Maggie is a five year old Pug. “She is sweet and cute as can be”, according to owner Jessica Freedman. Maggie’s mom will be having a grandchild in approximately five weeks. Maggie has been with the family a long time and has developed a habit of jumping up on people often as well as play biting. This wasn’t too much of a problem before, but now that there will be a baby around everyone needs to make changes, including Maggie. Sublime K9 will be teaching Maggie basic obedience commands as well as basic manners. This will include heel, sit, stay, come as well as down. “We can’t wait to work with her”! Comments Sublime K9…

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