does all jobs have a training period?

i'm a recent college graduate with business management (specializing in marketing) and economics background. I'm looking for entry level positions in accounting and finance. i'm very motivated, and willing to work hard and graduated with two degrees in three years. However my gpa is only 3.0 and i wish i specialized in accounting or finance but at that time took the easy way out with sort of lack of intereste in accounting and finance. But now i want to start on this road. I am applying for jobs., I just want to ask do these types of jobs entry level accounting and finance provide a training period. Or do you sort of have to know what you are doing once you go in…. i don't have any accounting or finance experience, but i'm willing to learn….. Should I take a different route because i don't have the direct educational credentials to the job i seek for? Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer my question…

I think your gpa is good enough (but it would have been nice if it was a LITTLE higher). Yes, every job in those fields you are looking at kind of want you to know what you are doing, but they also will provide at least a short training period because every company has their own policies regarding their books, which you could not be expected to know until you start working for them.


It's kind of weird that you say you have a 'lack of interest' in accounting and finance, yet now you wish to find jobs in those fields. Motivation matters, but a lack of interest means that you probably won't be happy in such jobs. Probably a different route would be better.