Do any of you know or performed any first aid technique?

And guys, I don't mean “mouth to mouth” as in french kissing ok. I mean the real First Aid technique that you know/ learnt or even performed on anybody?

Kudos to Dr. Bean and Neverthought. We all should learn a thing or two on how to save lives.

For parents especially, its mandatory to learn first aid on choking and CPR.

Emerald: The fact that you took the initiative to learn even from reading is good enough and hopefully some techniques stick to your mind in case you come across a situation.

Daniel: Most heart attacks can be easily saved by administering CPR. Sorry about your relative.

Waaa… terrer la u Gigi. Good good bagus.

Yes. I'm a Life Saving Malaysia Society certified life saver, first aid CPR and water life saving skills, bronze med and bronze cross. Going to proceed to a higher lever.

I kissed a lot of dummies, from infant, children to adult.

I performed CPR 1 month ago to a collapse man at Genting Highland car park, heart attack after a few sleepless night due to gambling. Sadly he was dead.