Different Fields of Medicine

Restoration of health, prevention and treatment of disease or illness comes under the field of medicine. Humans have practiced medicine since time immemorial, but it was an act carried out by alchemists and traditional healers who helped cure diseases. With time, men started to understand science and developed scientific medicine to cure people. With time different fields of medicine developed, that some individuals specialize in. There are different careers in the medical field. Those interested in the art of healing, that is, medicine, can find some answers in the following list of fields in medicine.

Which are the Different Fields of Medicine

There are different fields of medicine that have a different nature of work, require different training. There are many students who often want to know more about types of doctors and what they do. The table below will enlist the kinds of doctors. You can choose from either of the following fields as a career. Different fields require different educational qualifications and knowledge related to the medical field.

List of Different Fields of Medicine

Allergists or ImmunologistAcupunctureAddiction MedicineAdolescent MedicineAerospace MedicineAllergy/ImmunologyAnesthesiologyAudiologistBariatricianCardiologistCardiac ElectrophysiologyCardio Thoracic SurgeonCardiovascular Disease PhysicianCardiovascular SurgeonChiropracticClinical LaboratoryImmunologistClinical PathologistCosmetic SurgeryColon/Rectal SurgeonCritical Care MedicineCytopathologyDermatologyDermatopathologyDiabetes SpecialityDiagnostic RadiologyDentistEmergency Medical TechnicianEmergency Medical DoctorEndocrinologyEndovascular Surgical NeuroradiologistFamily PracticeGastroenterologyGeneral PracticeGeneral SurgeryGeneticsGeriatricsGynecology OncologistHand SurgeryHead and Neck SurgeryHematology OncologistHepatologyHolistic Medicine HospitalistImmunologyInfectious DiseaseInternal MedicineInterventional CardiologyLegal MedicineMedical OncologyMedical ToxicologyNeonatologyNephrologyNeurologyNeuroradiologyNephrologistNeurosurgeryNeurologistNuclear CardiologyNuclear MedicineOphthalmologistOptometristOncologistOrthopedicsOtolaryngology specialistOther specializationNutritionistPediatriciansPsychiatristPsychologistsRheumatologyVeterinariansUrologist

Best Fields of Medicine

There are a few best fields that earn the title, highest paying jobs in America. Some of these fields are as follows:

  • Cardiovascular Surgery:

    Annual Income: $558,719

    These are doctors who diagnose and treat various heart diseases as well as blood vessel problems related to the heart. This is one of the best paying jobs around and earn a cool average of $6000K or more annually.

  • Neurosurgery:

    Annual Income: $438,426

    The doctor that provides the patient with operative as well as non-operative management related to the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system are called neurosurgeons. These doctors earn about $550K annually.

  • Vascular Surgery:

    Annual Income: $359,339

    Those doctors who treat disorders of the blood vessels surgically are called vascular surgeons. They earn $400K or more.

  • Orthopedic Surgery:

    Annual Income: $346,224

    An orthopedic surgeon carries out preservation or restoration of the form and function of the bodies extremities, spine and associated bones though surgical, medical and physical means. They are just under the vascular surgeons earning about $390K annually.

  • Radiology:

    Annual Income: $309,361

    Doctors that use radioactive equipment like X-rays, CT scans etc. to diagnose and treat medical problems are called radiologist. They earn a nice sum of about $300K or more annually.

This was some information related to medical field career list. There are different fields of medicine and you can choose a medical job that suits your career needs. Hope the above paragraphs have helped answer what are the fields in medicine in a short and simple way.