Destructive Labrador Retriever Puppy?

HELP!!!I have an 8 month old black labrador retriever. I go to school everyday but someone stays home with him so he's not alone. I don't want to give him away but EVERY DAY that I come home he's chewed something new. Today I came home, he chewed the couch, the blinds, and he hops up on the dresser and punctures a hole in the air refreshner. Someone please give me any help because I don't want to get rid of him because I love him but I can't afford to keep buying new home products. Also, I do discipline him and it lasts for a week or so before he's back to doing the same thing over again.

He has plenty of toys to play with. But he prefers to jump on the bed on turn over the trash can or climb on the dresser and steal and tear up things. When I get home I exercise him for an hour or more and he goes to sleep. The person that watches him wasn't home today so that's why he chewed the mini blinds and chair, but is there anyway that I can put a stop to this behavior myself?

I am not sure why the person staying at home with your dog is not LOOKING AFTER HIM! You cannot dicipline him unless you do it the second he is doing it. If he chews stuff while you are at school and you come home hours later, and you scold him, he WON”T KNOW WHAT IN THE WORLD YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Even if you show him he most likely won't get it. Keep him in a crate until he is trained. If you need help on crate training, go to : and click on the Dog Training button on the left side. Or you can buy a book or get one from the library on dog training. Train him not to chew by spraying your furniture and anything he chews on with a organic deterrant. You can find this at: OR

You should definately supply him with lots of chew toys as alternate items to chew on. Praise her when you see her chewing on these. I have a 3 yr. old Yellow Lab and she LOVES to chew on Nylabone Non-Edible Bones. I highly recommend them for when your puppy is older. For now, Nylabone has Puppy bones as well and I would recommend those too. Kong is another GREAT chew toy for Puppy and Adult dogs alike. They are pretty much indestructable (if you buy the right size) even for the most destructive chewers and they have a unique hole on one side where you can stick treats, peanut butter, or cheese. They are entertained for hours trying to get it all out! I highly recommend them as well. You can find such toys at: OR

Whatever you do……….PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR DOG! PLEASE DON'T GIVE HIM AWAY! GIVE HIM A CHANCE TO LEARN TO BE THE BEST DOG HE CAN BE! So many dogs in shelters have not even been given a chance because owners don't bother to train. Dogs hate to displease you and they only want a second chance to understand what you want when you scold them.

3 Things Necessary: Positive Training, Patience & TLC

Hope this helps!

Good Luck!