Degree in Philosophy?

I am considering getting a degree in Philosophy. Can anyone give me some information on what kind of jobs I would be able to get with this degree? Is graduate school necessary to obtain a decent job? Any advice on whether or not this would be a good track to take? I love the subject and seem to have an aptitude for it.

I'm looking for serious answers here, responses like “thinking deeply about being unemployed” need not respond. Thank you to all who have advice. I appreciate your time.

There are many areas of employment open to graduates with a bachelor's degree in philosophy. These include:

administration/managementt – in such diverse areas as personnel; financial aid; or public relations. Employment settings might include college or university; prisons; hospitals; government agencies (county, state or federal); private companies

business – management, sales, consulting public relations, fund raising, systems analysis, advertising, banking

government – congressional staff member, federal agencies and bureaus, state and local governments, United Nations, foreign service, cultural affairs

insurance- agent, broker

journalism – reporter, critic (books, dance, film)

publishing/writing – sales, editing, management, freelance, technical writing for a company or government, script writer

preprofessional training – A philosophy major also provides excellent undergraduate preparation for Iaw school, MBA programs, medical school and seminary: