Day Care Center Parent Handbook

How to Look at the Teachers

What are the teachers’ credentials? Are the teachers trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid?

How do the teachers resolve disputes between children? Do they interfere or do they let them resolve disagreements on their own as much as possible?

Do the teachers in the room complement each other in personality?

Do the teachers look each child attentively in the eye?

How enthusiastic are the teachers?

Do the teachers listen to each child?

Are each child’s comments acknowledged?

Since every class has a variety of personalities, do the teachers pay appropriate attention to the shy, retiring child as well as to aggressive, outgoing child?

Do the teachers pay more attention to one sex than the other?.

Do the teachers seem to have a calm, easy going way with the children?

How the Preschool or Daycare Center Involves Parents

How much does the school or center involve the parents? Are parents expected to participate in functions and meetings. Does the school or center offer workshops for parents and caregivers? Does the school or center accommodate working parents? Is this a community you feel comfortable with?

Are parents allowed to visit the classroom often? Do you feel welcome? Can you talk to the personnel, and are specialists available should you have a problem? How many parent-teacher conferences are scheduled each year? Is the policy to call parents immediately when there is a problem, and are you expected to inform the school or center about any difficulty that you may know of? Will the school or center help you learn about future schools for your child? What is the policy on birthday parties? At some schools, if you invite more than half the class you have to invite the whole class.

The Separation Process

Preschool or daycare will be one of the first of many separations from your beloved child. You may be surprised to find that you are flooded with your own memories of past school experiences and how you felt when your parents left you for the very first time.

Every preschool and daycare center should have specific procedures for helping a child separate and say good-bye to her parents. With a philosophy in place, it is much easier for families to decide where they feel comfortable.

The parents can stay with their toddler during the first few days. The daycare center can make use of this time to learn about special needs of the toddler. At mean time, the toddler can start to familiarize with the daycare personnel, which will help in the process of separation.