Crate Training Your Dog

Before you think about crate training your dog you need to be aware that any dog that is left in a crate all day every day can make the animal become neurotic, destructive and very noisy. So it is advised that you have someone who will be able to take your dog out for a long walk sometime during the day if possible. Dog’s tend to get a little agitated if left in a confined place for too long but there are ways you can reduce the risk of your dog having this type of behavior by having a few items to keep him busy while your away. Rubber bones are a good toy for your dog they can chew on these things for hours on end any old toy’s you may have lying around the house but beware of the type of toy’s you give your dog to play with otherwise you may come home to a create full of fluff.

If this is not possible you may choose to use a designated room in the house to give him a little more space and room other than leaving him in a crate all day, and only use the crate at night. If you decide to use a room in the house than make sure your pet has all the things necessary to keep him comfortable during the day. Have animal pads spread out on one side of the room for him to soil and have his bedding separate on the other side, to keep him active place allot of toys, rubber dogie bones or what ever it is that will keep him occupied during this time.

Make sure the crate you provide your pet is not too large for him and not too small but just enough room for him to move around in and enough room for his bedding. If your pet is indoors and he shows sings that he my want to soil you will notice this by his actions, they tend to turn in circles and start sniffing the furniture, so if you see these signs then let him out, don’t play with him just let him do his thing give him 15 minutes and take him back inside. Play with your dog say after every meal and then put him back in his crate, be consistent when crate training your dog and stick to a schedule and keep a vigilant eye on his behavior at all times so you can develop a routine that will suite both you and your pet.