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PSA Of The Day – CPR Makes You Undead | AMS Pictures Public …
October 12, 2012. As the Public Interest Division, we are always on the lookout for great examples of media that matters. Recently, we discovered this campaign developed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada that draws on the ever-popular zombie craze as a campaign theme and as a means to

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46- PROMOTION- NEWS AND PROGRAM AND PSA– SINGLE SPOT “Harry Hairston Tim Strong, Graphics Designer. Charlie Wellock, Camera / Crew "Learn CPR: Susan's Story"- KDKA-TV Tina Veon, Writer/Producer "Declaration Of Progress"- The "Pep Boys Zombie Booster Pack Commercial"- Pep Boys Auto

Zombie CPR PSA: The Undeading
This Canadian cardiac arrest PSA wants to help you learn CPR — in the middle of a ravenous zombie horde. All other PSAs have some serious work to do. -daily what

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First Aid CPR AED text as a resource. website to determine what is meant by a Zombie Apocalypse, The actual title can be changed by the team, as long as the PSA encourages the public to properly identify and expose of unused and expired medications.

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Emory wants campus trained in CPR MATHEMATICAL MODELLING OF AN OUTBREAK OF ZOMBIE INFECTION. Tutorial. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/tutorials/h1n1flu/htm/_no_50_no_0.htm. World Upside Down — NEW Ready.gov PSA. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=140151982360&ref=nf.

Zombie PSA from Heart and Stroke Foundation is a viral hitFinancialPost.com — October 9, 2012; Sometimes, Becoming Undead Is a Good ThingRD.com — October 9, 2012; Zombies teach CPR in new public service announcement (VIDEO)News.Yahoo.com — October 5, 2012;

Creepy Zombies Save Heart Attack Victim In Awesomely Bizarre …
It's a public service announcement from the Heart & Stroke Foundation of A zombie is shown pawing at a a happy ending for her, what with the slobbering ravenous living dead and all. But the tagline — "CPR makes you Undead" — is there to remind us that in a zombie

Unique PSA For CPR Involves Zombie Hordes (Video …
This Canadian cardiac arrest PSA wants everyone to know that learning CPR is dead simple. And what better way to get the message across than by concocting a real-life scenario that involves suffering from a heart attack while being in the middle of a ravenous zombie horde.

#TheUndeading – YouTube
#TheUndeading With your help we did it! 5,020 people trained in life-saving CPR at one time — a new Canada-U.S. record! November is CPR month, make sure you