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Insurance Center For CPR Training Instructors And Health …
If you are providing CPR training or health and safety education, The United States CPR Trainers Organization-endorsed professional liability insurance program is designed to protect your financial interests.

Student CPR – Free Online CPR Training For High School Students
Sign up your high school to qualify for free CPR training. ProTrainings is partnering with schools across the United States to provide free CPR training for high school students.

First Aid & CPR Training
First Aid & CPR Training Benefits to the employer Prepares personnel for emergencies in the workplace Program features American Heart Association certified Training Center AHA , two-year certification given by certified, experienced trainers

School CPR – Free CPR Training For High School Students
The Student CPR program delivers free web-based CPR and AED training to high school students around the country.

5 Overview The activity will discuss a pilot program of CPR training for inpatient clinicians that dramatically improved patient outcomes after cardiac arrest.

4-First Aid CPR Program
CPR training must be re-certified annually and first aid training must be re-certified every three years. Title: Microsoft Word – 4-First Aid CPR Program.doc Author: Phil Notar Created Date:

First Aid & CPR Training Program | Security Guard Management
DVD Price: $195 (DVD: DV260) The First Aid & CPR Training Program includes a training DVD for basic First Aid and another for CPR. The program also includes the Instructors Manual with over 300 PowerPoint slide in color to allow your students to get the maximum advantage of the lessons.

CPR.COM | CPR Training And Heart Healthy Living
Part of CPR training now includes how to operate an automatic electronic defibrillator. The American Heart Association and the American Red Cross both provide easy to use search tools to help you find a CPR class online in your area.

CPR Training 2 Go
CPR Training is Critical. CPR and First Aid training is an essential component of any workplace safety program. CPR/Frst Aid training gives your employees the tools they need to recognize a true medical emergency when they see one, and get the help that’s needed right away.

CPR Resources – Madonna University
CPR Resources College of Nursing and Health 1 | Page CPR Health Information Services Below are suggested resources to get your CPR certification for the nursing program. While there is a course offered at Madonna, it is the student’s choice where they take their CPR training.

6 D. Course Content for Instructor Training. Program Director must initial each item. Program Director's initial represents sworn statement that

About Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
However, to get CPR and first aid training into the hands of every person, from healthcare providers to bystanders, the way that the AHA delivers CPR Anytime® personal learning program, developed to increase CPR knowledge among the general public.