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Manikin Sharing during CPR Training the use of common sense, training shields and decontamination techniques. Utilize the following guidelines related to sharing manikins. Thoroughly clean the manikin’s face/inside mouth. ii a.

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Face Shields (6 rolls of 36 each) $65.00 315050 Paper for SkillReporter (pkg. 5) $22.00 Moving light bars for dynamic feedback of CPR performance The Q-CPR Training Module can be connected to any Resusci Anne CPR-D training manikin

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CPR Face Shields Offering protection to both rescuer and victim when used by CPR trained rescuers. Ideal for carrying every day, for inclusion with corporate CPR training courses, and in first aid kits.

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Highest Quality Genuine First Aid Brand CPR Face Shields meant for use in accordance with the training provided in a recognized CPR course

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CPR Prompt® Adult/Child and Infant Training Pack LF06312U $164.95 TMAN 1 (1 adult/child) LF06001U $84.95 TMAN 2 (1 infant) LF06002NU $59.95 CPR Face shields in mini pouch with key ring WAP-3027 $2.95 SAM Splints, standard 14515 $20.00

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Models PP-IM-100 and PP-IM-400 —> Prestan® Professional Infant CPR-AED Training Manikin (without CPR Face Shield Lung Bag Filtered Face Shields (not included – may be ordered separately) Full Body Infant CONTENTS PARTS.

Prestan Professional Training Manikin
Models PP-AM-100 and PP-AM-400 —> Prestan® Professional Adult CPR-AED Training Manikin (without CPR monitor) w/ 10 A/C faceshield lung bags and a nylon carrying case Face Shield Lung Bag Filtered Face Shields (not included – may be ordered separately) Head

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Alternative for CPR training programs. More manikins can be used in the classroom, increasing hands-on practice and The Manikin Face Shields are designed to allow inexpensive barrier protection and to train the use of Laerdal Patient Face Shields made

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