CPR training?

I'm a sophomore in college majoring in radiology. I'm going to apply to a program at my hospital that requires that I be certified in CPR. I think I register at the Red Cross, but I'm not positive. Also, is it hard? Do I have to do it on other people or just a manequin? Thanks for any replies.

You can register at Red cross or the American Heart Association. I work for a hospital and they only accept AHA, so check with your program to see if they have any special requirements. The class is pretty basic for CPR. Make sure that you listen in the classes. Usually instructors are pretty good about making sure to stress the important info that you will need for the test. You will only be practicing on manequins for infection reasons and also if you do CPR properly on a human you will probably break someone's rib, so that wouldn't be any good. Good luck with school.