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DMAT Response Gear Keith Conover, M
(note: two USB keys, one 512MB and one 2 GB, on personal keychain; have two so that there is a second backup for robustness/redundancy/sharing) CD-Rs (2) and DVD-Rs (4) in thin cases and CPR shield. Cat Crap lens treatment . Antenna cap. Small hearing protectors (earplugs) Right Back.

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Be ready to perform CPR wherever you go with the American Red Cross CPR Keychain with Face Shield and Gloves. One-way valve protects the rescuer by preventing direct contact with the patient's mouth.

Mask, Face Shield School related Eye Protection activities in or CPR Mask (if trained) out of school Waterless Hand Cleaner Bleach Solution. 24 Handwashing On your keychain

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The Canadian Red Cross first aid/CPR revisions project is proceeding well. Face shield $2.10 Mini first aid kit $1.50 Compass keychain $3.99 Encouraging customer loyalty will also lead to other rewards such as increased word of

DMAT Response Gear Keith Conover, M
CPR shield. Antenna cap. Small hearing protectors (earplugs) Right Back. Swisstool “Leatherman” tool . Swisschamp swiss Computer Misc. Box (note: two USB keys on personal keychain; also see Computer Bag in Ready Pack) CD-Rs (2) and DVD-Rs (4) in thin cases and small and large Sharpie for

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Rescue Breather™ with 2 gloves on key chain, RED. Item: M-5099 . Rescue Breather™ CPR face shield with 2 gloves in pouch on key chain, red – 1 set

CPR mask or other breathing barrier such as a face shield . Eye cup or small plastic cup . Torch (also known as a flashlight) (keychain-style CPR mask) one bottle 81 mg chewable aspirin . two 6" elastic bandages (Ace bandages) six safety pins .

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Rescue BreatherTM face shield with 2 gloves in pouch on key chain, BLUE – 1 set Perform CPR and artificial resuscitation without the risk of ingesting harmful bacteria.

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Whatever you are looking for in cpr shield keychains, from our mini cpr keychain to the american red cross cpr keychain, we have it here – every cpr barrier keychain offered for less. View Cart Sales & Specials Customer Service My Account Español

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New cpr shield with one way valve mask and nitrile gloves

25-Person, 107-Piece Bulk First Aid Kit w/ CPR Shield (Metal) 3.6500 092265224000 224UFAOF 25-Person, 106-Piece Bulk First Aid Kit (Metal) 3.5500 092265224970 22511SL SL Series Safety Wand 0.2105 22516KC2 Smoke Lens, +1.5 Diopter 22518KC2 Smoke Lens, +2.0 Diopter