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CPR Ratio = 15 compressions: 2 breaths, Rate = 100/min, 5 cycles per minute • (Ventilator) the rescuer at the head, (Compressor) the rescuer at the chest • Ventilator determines responsiveness, if no response

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AHA Training Manuals are available prior to, during and following CPR classes at cost. 937 898 7660 Office 937 898 2899 Fax CPR ForYourHealth.com CPR REVIEW SHEETS And Study Guide For Compression ratio: 1&2 person Adult, 1 person child and Infant – 30 compressions and 2 breaths.

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THE CPR LADY ♥ 12 Spoonbill ♥ Irvine ♥ California ♥ 92604-4522 ♥ Phone 949-651-1020 ♥ www.TheCPRLady.net The CAB of CPR April 2011, Page 1 • The compression-to-ventilation ratio for 2-rescuer child/infant CPR is 15:2.

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The current American Heart Association Guidelines establish a universal compression to breath ratio of 30 to 2 for Adults, Infants, and Children when performing CPR with rescue breaths.

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Experts believe this new ratio will simplify one- or two-rescuer CPR training for adults, in addition to lay rescuer resuscitation. Practitioners should use the 15:2 compression-ventilation ratio for two-rescuer CPR used for infants and pre-pubescent children.

Healthcare Provider CPR Review Sheet – For Your Health
Healthcare Provider CPR Review Sheet | ADULT CHILD INFANT (Adolescent & Older) (1 Year – Adolescent) (Birth – 1 Year) Have someone activate EMS. ventilation ratio. 30:2 30:2 (single rescuer) 15:2 (2 rescuers) AED. Use adult pads only. Do not use child pads. May provide 5 cycles

CPR Guidelines – Child (1 Year Old To Puberty)
Rescuers performing 2-rescuer CPR should use a 15:2 ratio for infants and for children (aged 1 year until the onset of puberty). A compression-to-ventilation ratio of 15:2 for adults and a compression-to-ventilation ratio of

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) A universal compression to ventilation ratio of 30:2 is recommended. With children, if at least 2 trained rescuers are present a ratio of 15:2 is preferred.

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