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CPR and AED 1 CPR and AED (Adult — XX minutes; Child and Infant — XX minutes; Adult, Child, and Infant — XX minutes) Program Standards CPR and AED

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Learn the ins and outs of performing CPR on a child. Children are much more delicate than adults and should be treated differently than adults

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Two-person CPR ratio for the child and infant will be 15 compressions to 2 breaths. Finger placement for the Infant changes to Two-Thumb Technique. Change positions about every two minutes with minimal time lost (less than 5 seconds) between changes .

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Every parent should know how and when to administer CPR. Done correctly, CPR can save a child's life by restoring breathing and circulation until medical personnel arrive.

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Child CPR 48 hrs. Varies by provider PALS . Michigan Department of Education Approved Providers for First Aid and CPR Supplier and Website Program Components Needed Course Hours Cost Range Cards Needed Darev Safety Consultants www.darev.net Basic First

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure for manually preserving brain function until further measures to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest.

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Proper placement for chest compressions on a child is the center of the sternum. The easiest way to find the center of the sternum on children is between the nipples.

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How to Perform CPR on an Adult. A stopped heart deprives the brain of precious oxygen. Do CPR – short for "cardiopulmonary resuscitation" – to help prolong life while you wait for professional medical assistance.

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2 Child CPR 1-Rescuer CPR Sequence check for responsiveness yell for help but don't leave the victim open the airway look, listen, & feel for breathing

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Adult, Child, and Infant Written Exam CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer Instructions: Read each of the following questions carefully and then place an “X” over the correct answer on the