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• Response to CPRinfant regains pulse and/or respirations or remains pulseless and/or apneic. y Move the infant no more than necessary to ensure an open airway. A second rescuer is needed to maintain in-line axial stabili zation if

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CPR NO BREATHING TIP: If at any time you notice an obvious sign of life, stop CPR and monitor breathing and for any changes in condition. PANEL 6. AFTER CHECKING THE SCENE AND THE INJURED OR ILL PERSON: TURN ON AED Follow the voice and/or visual prompts.

Choking Prevention And First Aid For Infants And Children
If at any time an object is coughed up or the infant/child starts to breathe, call 911 or your local emergency number. Ask your pediatrician for information on choking/CPR instructions for children older than

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Infant CPR
Infant CPR 1. CHECK THE SCENE for safety 2.CHECK THE Baby for responsiveness 3. IF NO RESPONSE, CALL 9-1-1 (if you are alone and caring for a child or infant give 2 minutes of care, then call 9-1-1)

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INFANT CPR Responder Mask w/o Valve (No Case)-New product! INFANT sized latex-free CPR Responder Mask. The form fitted face piece makes it ideal for infant patients. Have one available with every rescue kit! ***Please note: This device is intended fo

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• If alone, remains with infant to provide 2 minutes of CPR before activating emergency response system 3. Checks for pulse: • Checks brachial pulse • This should take no more than 10 seconds 4. Delivers

Child/Infant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation And AED
If no pulse is felt, begin infantCPR. G. Locate the CPR hand (finger) position. 1. Place your ring and middle fingers just below the intermammary line. 2. Slightly below the nipple line, in the center of the chest H. Deliver 30 compressions.

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2-Rescuer Infant CPR This technique is the preferred 2- rescuer chest compression technique for healthcare providers who can fit their hands around the infant’s chest. This technique produces blood flow by compressing the chest with both the thumbs.