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The Center for Policy Research (CPR) is the Maxwell School’s largest and oldest social science research program, one of the most active generators of sponsored research projects at Syracuse University, and the most active within Maxwell. CPR comprises sixty-seven people—34 faculty affiliates

Compression-Only CPR Or Standard CPR In Out-of-Hospital …
Original article The new england journal of medicine 434 n engl j med 363;5 nejm.org july 29, 2010 Compression-Only CPR or Standard CPR in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Removing Mouth To Mouth From CPR – About.com First Aid
To make CPR more effective, there is a push to eliminate rescue breathing from this staple of emergency medical care. Health; First Aid. Search. First Aid a British medical journal, which examined how CPR was being performed by the lay public.

AANA Journal, October 1993
Journal is grateful to the above individuals for their expertise and willingness to share their experience with our readers. Key CPR represents 0.9% of the total patients admitted. In 1990, the last full year at the old and now vacated

American Heart Association Revises CPR Guidelines – USATODAY.com
An analysis of 3,700 cardiac arrests published Friday in the journal 'Lancet' found that hands-only CPR saved 22% more lives than the conventional method. WHAT TO DO: New American Heart Association guidelines for bystander compression-only CPR make saving lives much simpler.

CPR With Chest Compression Alone Or With Rescue Breathing
The new england journal of medicine n engl j med 363;5 nejm.org july 29, 2010 423 original article CPR with Chest Compression Alone or with Rescue Breathing

AcademicEducation Teaching Clinical Ethics Using A Case Study …
Department staff at Foote Hospital in Michigan, attributed as being the first hospital to allow family presence during CPR. As early as 1982, the

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CPR REVIEW; ADULT (over 8 years of age) CHILD (12 months to 8 years) INFANT (up to 12 months) Check For Responsiveness: By shaking and shouting: By shaking and shouting

Association Of Neighborhood Characteristics With Bystander …
The new engl and journal of medicine 1612 n engl j med 367;17 nejm.org october 25, 2012 The magnitude of census-tract effects on the provision of bystander-initiated CPR stratified ac-

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The dulcet tones of Capital Public Radio (CPR) are a booming success, filling the region from Turlock to Chico and from Reno to Vallejo. There will soon be seven area CPR stations, which are by many measures national leaders in public radio. When current president and general manager Michael Lazar