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Modified Jaw Thrust – Illustration – Emergency Medical Ed
CPR – The Simple View. CPR – In-Depth. Editor's note: Although many texts show the modified jaw thrust as illustrated above, it is probably easier to displace the jaw anteriorly by placing one's thumbs on the maxillae (along-side the nose, under the eye.)

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CPR PRO Changes – USCG
2005 Guideline If a healthcare provider suspects a cervical spine injury, open the airway using a jaw thrust without head extension. Use a head tilt–chin lift maneuver if the jaw thrust does

American Heart Association (AHA) – Old Dominion University
Passing and receiving a CPR card is dependent on the student passing the hands on testing date. 1 Rescuer CPR for Adults 1 Open the Airway (head-tilt-chin-lift or jaw thrust) Look, Listen, Feel for breath (5 – 10 secs). The head is in a SNIFFING position. B – Give 2 breaths (give

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With The 2010 CPR Guidelines Push Hard Push Fast
Summary of CPR steps for adults, children and infants With the 2010 CPR Guidelines 30:2. Push hard, The jaw thrust technique may minimize movement of the cervical spine and is appropriate for NLS lifeguards who have received additional training

Opening The Airway – HubPages
Practically there are two ways to open the airway. Head Tilt Chin Lift Maneuver; Jaw Thrust Maneuver; Both methods are very effective in opening the airway.

Jaw Thrust – SmartMan CPR Training
TRAINING Jaw Thrust Ideas that work for life SmartMan© When It Should Be Used The jaw thrust is used to open the airway if you suspect a cervical spine

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